Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
7.1 Being Puerto Rican Through Folktales In this unit, the student reflects on what it means to be Puerto Rican through discussion and writing personal narratives and folktales. The student studies folktale structure and compares and contrasts Puerto Rican folktales to folktales around the world, culminating in writing his/her own folktale.
7.2 Puerto Rico Travel Brochure In this unit, the student conducts a short research project about Puerto Rico as he/she reads informational texts and related website articles on its language, culture, customs, climate, and geography in order to produce a travel brochure using appropriate language forms and conventions (complete varied sentences and capitalization and punctuation are correct throughout).
7.3 Poetry: My Identity In this unit, the student reflects upon his/her own identity and develops an understanding of who he/she is in context to Puerto Rico. The student reads poetry by Langston Hughes, Nuyorican, and contemporary Puerto Rican poets to appreciate their messages and understand their use of poetic devices. The student writes and performs a poem that celebrates his/her own personal identity. He/she increases reading and speaking fluency, as well as quality and quantity of writing English through poetry.
7.4 Author’s Purpose In this unit, the student studies four types of author’s purpose (to entertain, to persuade, to inform, and to teach) in order to produce four pieces of writing that exemplify each type of writing. The student free writes daily in order to improve his/her writing fluency and peer edits his/her writing for sentence fragments and run-on sentences.
7.5 Persuade and Present In this unit, the student analyzes and produces a persuasive essay and gives speech on a topic of interest in current events or in history. The student improves his/her oral expression by actively participating in an oral presentation and giving a speech about the topic chosen. The student understands the use of acceptable and responsible language for different audiences and purposes, which contributes to his/her good communication skills.