Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
6.1 Characters Facing Challenges In this unit, the student reads narrative texts about challenges that characters encounter in stories. The student applies reading and vocabulary strategies to help him/her understand what he/she read and he/she uses the writing process to create narrative writings.
6.2 Non-Fiction Study: Challenges Facing Communities In this unit, the student reads expository texts about challenges faced by communities. He/she learns and uses reading and writing strategies specific to expository texts.
6.3 Non-Fiction Study: Newspapers and Current Events In this unit, the student further explores the genre of non-fiction by studying newspapers and reporting on challenges facing his/her community. He/she examines the differences between fact and opinion through comparing news and editorial articles. The student creates his/her own classroom newspaper publication, complete with news reporting, editorials, and interviews of community or school leaders who are tackling challenges faced by the community.
6.4 Memoirs: Exploring Personal Challenges In this unit, the student explores the genre of memoirs through reading memoirs of individuals who faced challenges in their lives. He/she is introduced to several prewriting strategies as he/she brainstorms ideas for his/her own personal memoir about his/her childhood. The student experiences the writing process in-depth as he/she drafts, revises, and publishes his/her childhood memoirs.
6.5 Exploring Poetry In this unit, the student analyzes how poets express their everyday challenges through their poems. The student reads and writes poems about everyday experiences.