Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
5.1 Communities Create Heroes In this unit, the student reads tall tales and reflects on who is a hero in his/her community. The student also makes connections to characters in tall tales and focuses on describing the setting, characters, and problem and solution of the stories.
5.2 Leaders in My Community In this unit, the student explores problem and solution in fiction and discusses how characters solve problems in stories. From these discussions, the student makes connections to a real life leader solving problems in his/her community and interviews this leader for a writing project.
5.3 Discovering My Neighborhood The student reads fiction and non-fiction text about neighborhoods in order to write about his or her own neighborhood. This unit focuses on identifying and correcting sentence fragments and run-on sentences, as well as utilizing verbs that are not only in the correct tense but are also specific enough to make writing clear.
5.4 Community Celebrations In this unit, the student reads a variety of fiction and non-fiction to compare and contrast the winter holidays (e.g., Hanukkah, Ramadan, Kwanzaa, and Christmas) to his or her own experiences. The student also practices using a variety of sentence types and explores the use of figurative, idiomatic, and sensory language to add detail and color to his or her writing.
5.5 Making Maps The student creates maps of his/her class, neighborhood, and school in order to practice using prepositional phrases and affixes to specify his/her language.
5.6 My Celebrations The student reads fiction and analyzes the characters that he/she encounters while reading. Then the student creates a poster and writes a personal narrative regarding his/her own way of celebrating life, focusing on identifying and including parts of speech in writing.
5.7 Issues Facing the Local Community The student conducts an in-depth study of the organization of articles and text features in newspapers in order to create his/her own classroom newspaper based on what is happening in the local community, including coverage of some of the local issues facing the community. The student then studies the art of writing and delivering speeches and conducts research to write a speech about something he/she would like to change in his/her neighborhood or school.