Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
3.1 What Makes Puerto Rico Unique? In this unit, the student reads informational and fictional texts to explore his/her experiences as well as factual information about Puerto Rico. The student comes up with research questions to find out what is unique about the island and use texts, the Internet, and interviews to answer his/her questions. The student also compares and contrasts fiction and informational genres to learn about different ways information can be organized to assist the student with developing and answering research questions. The student will prepare a biographical report and presentation of a person of his/her choosing.
3.2 Immigration In this unit, the student studies the push and pull factors of immigration by reading fiction and informational texts to understand who makes up the Puerto Rican population and why people choose to leave their homeland for other countries. During this unit, the student also studies slavery to understand Puerto Rico’s past and the variety of backgrounds that make up its ancestry. He/She uses the unit vocabulary and past tense grammar as appropriate.
3.3 Fables In this unit, the student studies fables in order to sequence stories, compare character traits, and make connections and predictions. At the end of the unit, the student writes his/her own fable using Aesop’s fables as a model.
3.4 News In this unit, the student becomes a journalist and creates his/her own classroom newspaper by studying examples of local and global news articles. The student identifies and differentiates between fact and opinion and summarizes by identifying the main idea and details of non-fiction text.
3.5 Democracy & Citizenship In this unit, the student reads biographies of important figures in American and Puerto Rican history to compare and contrast character traits in a descriptive paragraph. The student applies his/her knowledge of character traits to compare and contrast famous people in history. The student also studies the U.S. constitution and how it shaped the Puerto Rican constitution in order to create a class bill of rights.
3.6 Water n this unit, the student learns about the water cycle in order to describe the cause and effect of human interaction with the local water system and how humans are creating systems to preserve water. The student finds the main ideas in non-fiction texts and describes three states of matter.
3.7 Outer Space In this unit, the student conducts a genre study of science fiction and researches characteristics of planets and the solar system in order to write a science fiction story.