Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
2.1 Bilingual and Proud In this unit, the student reads fictional and informational texts to develop a sense of being bilingual and proud by studying examples of bilingualism in his/her family, in texts, and in his/her community. He/She compares the Spanish and English languages to find commonalities between English and Spanish through cognates and other references and how knowing the two languages affect his/her life and the lives of those around them.
2.2 Where Are We? In this unit, the student learns about different types of landforms (e.g., coasts, mountains, rivers, lakes) and the causes and effects of human interaction with the land (building dams or constructing cities). He/she reads and writes about what they learned, applying and classifying the different organizational structures in both fiction and non-fiction texts to demonstrate understanding of cause and effect in their lives and surroundings.
2.3 Myths and Creation Stories In this unit, students will study Taino creation myths, other myths from Puerto Rico, and myths from other countries by describing story elements in order to write and perform their own creation myths.
2.4 Poetry In this unit, the student studies poetry in order to improve fluency and phonemic awareness and to be able to understand different types of poems and write original poetry in English.
2.5 Heroes In this unit, the student reads a variety of biographies of famous Puerto Ricans and Latinos in order to define the characteristics of a hero and to be able to write about who is a hero to him/her. The student develops reading strategies such as asking questions to make predictions while reading.
2.6 Art and Author Study In this unit, the student does an author study of the teacher’s choice to identify the theme in a fictional text while exploring reading strategies such as predictions and connections. The student describes art using vocabulary for shapes, colors, and sizes by studying Puerto Rican art and by creating his/her own artistic responses to the author’s work.
2.7 Wild Weather In this unit, the student reads non-fiction and fictional texts dealing with natural disasters in order practice reading strategies (visualizing and inferring unknown words). The student writes fictional stories on natural disasters and creates a safety book on how to prepare for natural disasters.