Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
12.1 My Journey So Far In this unit, the student reads biographies, memoirs, and personal narratives focusing on the author’s journeys and formational experiences. The student reads a variety of narratives, including but not limited to those by Puerto Rican authors and about Puerto Rican experiences. The student also writes personal narratives and explores various organizational structures for the narratives.
12.2 Walking into the Future In this unit, the student learns about the research process while investigating a career (from multiple sources and view points) and the education and preparation required for that career path. The student then prepares and presents a research paper using the writing process (from interviewing and note-taking to publishing) to produce a high-quality report to present in an oral presentation, demonstrating written and oral competency using accurate grammatical structures, high level vocabulary and an understanding of using speech for different purposes—formal for interviews and informal with peers.
12.3 The Long and Short of It In this unit, the student explores and analyzes fictional elements in short stories—characters, setting, and plot—and analyzes the difference between these stories and other narrative forms to better understand points of view, meanings, and themes. The student uses context clues to determine the meaning of new words and writes an original fictional short story demonstrating learned elements, accurate grammar, and sophisticated vocabulary.
12.4 Then and Now In this unit, the student studies historical texts and current events to analyze and debate issues and to better understand the context at the root of the events. The student reads and writes about societal events and issues in, and affecting Puerto Rico, but also reads about current events in other parts of the world as well. The student examines the issues in various forms—texts, media, and technology. Also, he or she understands and debates cause and effect, writes essays, and participates in debates to demonstrate command of the issues and the English language.
12.5 See it My Way In this unit, the student examines aspects of the persuasive genre by reading about current and potentially controversial current and historical events. The student gives a speech and writes a letter to a newspaper editor, and uses other visual media to improve persuasive writing styles and change minds. The student reads and writes about issues that are important to him/her and to his/her community. This unit is a natural follow-up to Unit 12.4, as the student has the opportunity to read and write about current issues and relate them in a historical context.
12.6 Poetic Justice In this unit, the student studies poetry and drama to further his/her understanding of these creative genres and their uses. The student focuses on Puerto Rican poets and playwrights when possible, as well as poems and plays dealing with social justice issues. The student explores using the poetic devises and dramatic techniques in his or her own writing and to produce and dramatically perform original poems.