Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
11.1 Memoir – My Point of View In this unit, the student studies the genre of memoir while examining author’s purpose, organizational patterns for connecting ideas, making connections to text, and expressing his/her own opinions in discussions and presentations. By reading many quality memoir mentor texts and examining the work of his/her peers, the student improves his/her own writing.
11.2 Identity -Personal Narrative In this unit, the student focuses on the genre of personal narrative by reading and listening to high quality examples and by writing his/her own pieces. The student examines character development, parts of the plot, theme and cause and effect through the novels he/she reads and essays he/she writes.
11.3 As I See it-Persuasion In this unit, the student examines persuasion as a writing genre and understands its purpose and strategies associated with it. The student reads, writes, and presents editorials and other persuasive texts on a variety of social issues and learns to question while he/she reads as a way to develop a position on a topic.
11.4 It’s a Mystery! In this unit, the student explores the elements of detective fiction as a reading genre through texts and visual mediums. The student writes expository pieces based on what he/she reads, compares the same mystery in text and film, and writes an original mystery short story including the key genre elements. The student learns vocabulary related to detective fiction and examines point of view and setting. Reading detective fiction aloud helps to engage the reluctant reader.
11.5 Historical Fiction Using Informational Text In this unit, the student explores historical fiction and informational text and their relationship to each other and to current events. The student completes a cross- curricular research project using note-taking, analysis, writing, and oral presentations to connect what he/she is learning in his/her history class to his/her English class. The student deepens his/her understanding of an event in history and is able to talk about it in English.
11.6 Create! (Poetry) In this unit, the student studies a variety of poems and poetic devices and styles to deepen his/her understanding of the genre. The student understands, appreciates, discusses, interprets and analyzes a variety of published poetry by well-known poets, peer-edits classmates’ poems, and creates his/her own works of poetry to explore the genre and the writing process. The student identifies and understands connotation, tone, theme, different poetic structures and devices, and creates original poems using the forms and structures to create his/her unique voice and develop and express his/her sense of identity.