Índice de Unidades de los Curriculares

Unidad Nombre Resumen
K.1 About me In this unit, the student reads, writes or illustrates texts to describe him/herself, important events with family, and his/her feelings about his/her life and the characters he/she read about. The student develops the appropriate vocabulary and language skills to discuss his/her life and his/her interests (likes and dislikes). The student creates an “About Me” book (an autobiography) and an art project called “Rainbow Bodies” that describes feelings using colors.
K.2 Good Friends In this unit, the student reads, writes, acts out and expresses verbally what it means to be a good friend and compares him/herself as a friend to characters in stories. Stories about friendship give the student examples of how to be a good friend and why choosing words carefully and accurately helps make friends and solve conflicts. In addition, the student plays games and sings songs to learn how to share, follow instructions and practice cooperative skills to build classroom community.
K.3 Let’s Play In this unit, the student plays, creates, and teaches games to understand the importance of following instructions, responsibility, self-management, and integrity. Games reinforce colors, basic shapes, numbers 1-10, and the importance of working together by using words to solve conflicts. In addition, this unit focuses on reinforcing healthy habits and finding patterns in life, in the environment, and in books.
K.4 Let’s Rhyme and Sing In this unit, the student uses songs and nursery rhymes as a way of discovering alliteration, syllables, and rhyming to find initial consonants and to learn the alphabet.
K.5 Story Time In this unit, the student listens to, acts out, and retells fairy tales in order to identify and compare characters and sequence a story. The student studies the vocabulary of the fairy tales in order to learn letter recognition and phonemic awareness.
K.7 Living Things In this unit, the student uses oral, reading, and writing skills to learn the characteristics of animals and plants in order to sort, classify, observe, describe, and illustrate details of the world around them using English language skills. The student also makes connections to what our role is on Earth as caretakers.
K.8 My Community In this unit, the student learns about and discusses concepts related to his/her family and community, using accurate and appropriate English to discuss the essential workers for communities in the city and country.